26 December 2009

948 BERGEN at Franklin Ave

Chain-linked and fenced off, a welcome, untamed greenspot among the asphalt and concrete. I walk by here every morning wondering what was before.

no record found on lot

1036-1042 DEAN STREET at Franklin Ave

Nassau Brewing Company
Nassau was the final name of a fairly successful brewing company in Brooklyn. Founded originally in 1849 as Liberger and Walter, it changed hands in 1866 as Christian Goetz bought the brewery, calling it the Bedford Brewery. He operated it successfully until 1884 when William Brown and a group of businessmen bought the plant. Brown renamed the brewery Budweiser Brewing Company in reference to the quality of beer of Budweis, Bohemia. Inevitably, Anheuser-Busch brought suit against Brown for copying their name, which had been trademarked in 1878. Brown gave in, changed the name to Nassau Brewing Company, and directed the company from 1898 to 1914 when it closed.

posted piece on building walls.

Tax class: all others
Tax block/lot: 1142/44
Number of units (condos, etc). in the building: 1
Lot frontage: 71 feet
Lot depth: 220 feet
Irregularly shaped lot: yes
Building frontage: 50 feet
Building depth: 220 feet
Irregularly shaped building: no
The number of stories for the building: 5
The number of buildings on the property: 1
The year the building was built: 1930
Zoning codes from NYC Department of City Planning: R6