23 December 2009


The apartments here have been gutted and are being rehabbed at the moment. Scaffolding and plywood cover the site. Black plastic mesh further secure the site.

Tax class: apartments with 7-10 units
Tax block/lot: 1205/4
Number of units (condos, etc). in the building: 8
Number of residential units (condos, etc). in the building: 8
Lot frontage: 29 feet
Lot depth: 100 feet
Irregularly shaped lot: no
Building frontage: 29 feet
Building depth: 100 feet
Irregularly shaped building: no
The number of stories for the building: 4
The number of buildings on the property: 1
The year the building was built: 1910
Zoning codes from NYC Department of City Planning: R6 (The character of R6 districts can range from row house neighborhoods to large-scale "tower in the park" developments. Height factor buildings (total floor area of the building divided by its lot coverage, in square feet). are often set back from the street and surrounded by open space and on-site parking.)

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